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Welcome to Karen's page

This page is dedicated to Karen Young.  She tells me that she's going to write something to go here soon, but she keeps putting it off.  I guess it's just because she doesn't like to blow her own horn - so to speak.  So, since she won't talk about herself, I guess I will have to do it for her.

Karen was born in New Orleans, but lived in Biloxi until she left home for college.  Her parents had a home on the "Back Bay" of Biloxi that was severely damaged in hurricane Camille.  After the storm, the house was eventually repaired and her mother lived there until the house was finally destroyed in hurricane Katrina.

Karen went to college at the University of Dallas and graduated with a BS in Psychology.  She stayed in Dallas and married her first husband then wound up as an accountant, sort of by accident.  She discovered that she loved accounting, and eventually went on to become a CPA.  She and her husband moved to Mobile, Alabama and Karen became the CFO for a non-profit medical center.

After, her divorce, she met me on the internet and eventually moved to Pensacola to become the Vice President of Finance of Covenant Hospice.  I wish I could say that I've been a good influence on her, but I hate to lie.  Since she met me, she has jumped out of perfectly good airplanes, tied sticks to her feet and slid down snow-covered mountains, learned to shoot, become addicted to sailboats, and worst of all has learned to party like a Warrior!

Of course, she has also made me want to become a better person, and I think she's succeeded. 

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